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Broadcast Production

Omni visual is an award-winning agency - designing and managing brand experiences for clients of every size and scope including original television content, engaging marketing strategies for all business size and types including premium hotels and resorts, airlines, universities, TV and cable networks, and many super-destination city visitors bureaus. (See our abbreviated client list)

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New Balance TV Ads
• WINNER 2014! Omni partnered with the City of Grapevine for the 7th consecutive, award-winning year in building exceptional destination content for television and web. It was announced in July 2014 of our capturing 1st Place in Media and Television Promotion Content in the Southwest. (Also see our International Awards below.)

New Balance TV Ads

• New Balance Stores worked with Omni for the 7th year for their TV campaign ads for locations airing across Texas. Watch it here.

New Balance TV Ads

• "Roads Are Open in Grapevine!"
Omni produced the new TV ads based on all the fun and attractions DFW might have missed due to construction of the highway 114 Connector project. Watch it here.


New Balance TV Ads

• My Bariatric Solutions teamed up with Omni for the 3rd year for bringing national clients through TV, web, print, and billboard display media. Watch it here.


New Balance TV Ads

• BioTE Medical has been working all year with Omni in their national brand development launch, using television and all other media avenues. We created a 60, 30, and 15 second commercials to kick off their new national media effort. Watch the :60 second here.

Gaylord Texan SummerFest

• Gaylord Texan SummerFest is a summer favorite for Omni as we created multi-platform media for this event for the 7th consecutive year. Projects ranged from TV ads and social media content to featured segments on our very own Home and Lifestyle TV show. Watch it here.

International Awards

• WINNER! :IFEA International Festival & Events Association Award was awarded to Grapevine for the highest quality destination event promotions internationally! Among Omni projects included in this most prestigios award were national and local TV commercials, promos and Video On Demand (VOD) videos.

HLTV season 7

• Home and Lifestyle TV celebrates its 7th successful year on network television! Thanks to all the featured guests that make HLTV fun and interesting! See more about Home and Lifetsyle TV here.

Fresco's Taste Tour

• Fresco's, the popular fine tex-mex food chain sought out Omni for their new "Taste Tour" campaign, including photography with food styling, as well as print and web layout.


• Fall / Winter 2012:Festival Promotions are a refined specialty at Omni - from On Demand videos to TV ads, web promotions and Jumbo Tron attractions. All working together as "seamless nuggets of cross-platform media impact." Keep your eyes open this month for GrapeFest,Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival, and many more!

Suite Photos

• Aug 2012: Gaylord Texan used Omni to photograph and document their new presidential suite designs by Anderson Designs in Nashville, TN.

VIP Badges

• Summer 2012:Grapevine Main Street Days, SummerBlast, Gaylord SummerFest, Bedford Blues & BBQ and many other event campaigns worked with Omni for many platform productions - including TV ads and VOD videos.

NATPE event

• Update April 2012: From new TV shows now in development, NATPE in Miami, to over 35 new commercials produced as of April - 2012 is in high gear. We will be updating some of our new features and work produced for new clients soon. Here is a "taste" from Grapevine's Wine Train. Watch Here
and the new Home and Lifestyle TV America opening.Watch Here

Red Carpet Event

• Jan 2012: Special events and celebrity documenation are popular requests of omni. Check out this star-studded red carpet event featuring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayeck. Watch Here

Busy Body Spots

• Dec 2011: brings holiday promotions created by Omni for New Balance DFW, Gaylord Texan Resort, Cities of Grapevine and Southlake, Busy Body & Fitness HQ, Hilton, Champagne's Luxe, Texas Trust Credit Union, Walmart / Pedigree Brand, and many more.
Walmart / PEDIGREE Brand®
Busy Body TV Ad
New Balance DFW TV Ad
Grapevine Christmas VOD
Texas Spine Team TV Ad
Bariatric Solutions
Champagne's Luxe TV Ad
Southlake Holiday TV Ad

Texas Trust Credit Union

• Oct 2011:
Texas Trust Credit Union jumps 75% in new customers in single month using a sophisticated TV and web approach with Omni.
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Watch Commercial Here

Walmart / Pedigree

• Sept 2011:
Walmart and Pedigree® team up with Omni in helping donate 500,000 bowls of dog food to shelters across the US. Omni created a 2 minute paid promotion airing on NBC in the month of September. Watch Here

stadium Display

• Football Season 2010-12: Cowboys Stadium Jumbo Tron Omni has created the digital media ads for the over 5000 screens and famous Jumbo Tron for clients such as Gaylord Texan, University of Phoenix and Hilton for 3 years. To watch, click here.

• Aug & Sept 2011: Major Event Promotions are a refined specialty at Omni - from On Demand videos to TV ads, web promotions and Jumbo Tron attractions. All working together seamlessly. GrapeFest, OktoberFest, Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival. Wonder what next month brings?

Paradise Spot

• July 2011: Gaylord's Paradise Springs TV Ads produced by Omni begin air play on all network channels starting in July. Watch Here

From Here to Orcas Video

• July 2011: "From Here to Orcas" features beautiful HD video footage shot with the Canon 5D, of a quick trip from Seattle to Orcas Island. Just a fun little highlight clip is all. Watch Here

Hilton Video

• June 2011: Hilton Hotels / Southlake create new promotional video components for use across multiple platforms - including web, broadcast, in-room and presentations. Watch one Here

Smoothie Factory Spots

• May 2011: Smoothie Factory is working with Omni in creating their "fresh," new, national TV commercials. Watch Here

• April - July 2011:Grapevine Main Street Days, New Vintage Wine Trail, SummerBlast, Gaylord Texan SummerBlast and Paradise Springs campaigns worked with Omni for many platform productions - including TV ads and VOD videos.

New Balance Spots

• 4/11 New Balance DFW chooses Omni for their 2011 TV ad campaign production. View it Here

• 4/11 Matt's Rancho Martinez Restaurants focused on "rich family heritage" for their new TV branding ads, socia
l networking tools, and original TV segments featured on Home and Lifestyle on NBC5. View it Here

university of Phoenix Promo

• 4/11 Dallas Cowboys and University of Phoenix completed the "Read, Play, Win!" promotion this month - and Omni produced the official video documentaries, shot promotional photography and more.

VitaSource Spots

• 3/11 VitaSource works with Omni on new spanish, national PSO:3 product TV promotion. Watch it Here National infomercials will follow in May 2011.

• 2/11 Omni produces Gaylord Texan Resort branding strategies
for new restaurants from video production for in-room, on site, and web - to photography featured in "D" Magazine for the 3rd year in a row. Watch Here

Cowboys Stadium Jumbo Tron

• Jan 2011 >> Super Bowl XLV Media Week Presentations for "Host Cities" Grapevine and Farmers Branch

Omni was proud to produce and assist broadcast television and branding elements both nationally and regionally for "host cities" of the Big Game - including Grapevine and Farmers Branch.

See More News Here


Check out the all new Home and Lifestyle TV show opening.

The New Smoothie Factory commercial produced by Omni.
New Balance DFW and Omni create new "Why New Balance?" TV Ad campaign.  

New Paradise Springs Commerical for Gaylord Entertainment..

Watch the new Promo Video for Gaylord's New restaurants.

VitaSource Vitamin Supplement campaign featuring national Spanish HD spots, and exercise DVD.

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